Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Boss is a Secret Agent: Part 2

Dr. A---- continues to call my office's phone, leaving strange, garbled voicemails about books, the CIA, and how he is not a terrorist. As previously mentioned, his Indian accent is very thick, which makes it hard to understand sometimes on our voicemail.

Yesterday, Dr. A---- left about fifteen messages on the office voicemail. That's right, fifteen messages. All involved the same context, which included the aforementioned subjects. This man is convinced that my boss is an operative of the CIA for sure.

This morning, Dr. A---- greeted me about five times, voicing the same diatribes. This time, the P.A. heard the voicemail and decided that it was high time that Dr. A---- cease his serial calling.

"The next time he calls, give the phone to me," the P.A. instructed.

As predictable as Old Faithful, Dr. A---- called again. I handed the phone to the P.A. and he answered as such: "CIA, Langley, Southeast Asia Division."

Dr. A---- hung up the phone without saying a word. We giggled a little, and then laughed when the phone rang again.

"CIA, Langley, Southeast Asia Division."

Again, Dr. A---- disconnected the call and called back immediately. He did this two more times, both times with the P.A. answering the phone as before, and Dr. A---- hanging up without saying anything.

He hasn't called back for about an hour. This is good news.

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